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Join our host, Matthew Spaier, PI weekly as he dives into the perspectives of what it takes to be a successful Private Investigator. Hear Matthew’s take on how to build your business and learn techniques to help you be the very best investigator you can be. Matthew’s 25 years of investigative experience in New York City has given him a unique perspective on how to succeed from case to case.

Also, tune in and hear the perspectives of the very best minds in the investigative community. This program has topics of interest for the novice gumshoe all the way up to the seasoned professional. You never know who’s perspective will be under the magnifying glass each week. Thanks for Listening. Please like and share!

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Investigators Roundtable 2020

with Kelly Riddle, Jimmie Mesis, Mike Dores & Neil Caddell

Episode 87

Investigating Sexual Assault Cases and Evidence Collection with Jane Mason

Episode 86

How to Stop Counterfeiting & Intellectual Property Theft, with Stuart Drobny

Episode 85

Using a Drone as a PI, with Sal Lifrieri

Episode 84

Identity Theft Investigations with Carrie Kerskiek

Episode 83

Traveling Down the Silk Road and Cybercrime with Vinny D’Agostino

Episode 82

Why You Need Continuing Education As An Investigator, with Stephen Komorek

Episode 81

What is Skiptracing, and Why You Should Hire an Expert, With Mike Dores

Episode 80

Using Alt Media to Solve Cold Cases,
With Sheila Wysocki

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